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We start with a brief 15-30 minute phone call to get to know you, your project and to see how many levels of compatibility we have. We need 23 levels of compatibility to continue. Just kidding. If it's a good fit we'll schedule a formal Exploration Meeting where we'll invite you to our offices for a day where we'll scope out your project, discuss design direction and clarify your goals, among other items. After that meeting we'll provide a detailed proposal and project timeline, and hopefully get started shortly thereafter.


Thanks to our Exploration Meeting, we will have a list of project requirements and tasks, all ready to be turned into a proposal. Our next pass to you will include estimated costs, a project start date, a timeline, and a strategic launch plan. With those executed and an initial 50% deposit made, we're ready to start your mission and schedule your Kickoff Meeting!


Planning is crucial, and our kick off meeting ensures our mission gets started on the right track. This meeting is done in person so we can clearly communicate all plans. We can host you in our Mission Control (that's our office), or travel to your home base. We explore top-level objectives, review our process, dig into the nitty gritty and start practical planning. Prior to this meeting, we'll pass an agenda your way with an agreed upon course of action for keeping our time together highly productive. You will leave the meeting with a clearly defined list of initial homework and mission plans. Your Project Manager will also flesh out the project milestones and launch date. We will now move along into the Asset Collection stage.


QCreating, organizing and collecting your website’s “assets” is a vital part of the process. Your assets consist of text, photos, images, graphics, testimonials, charts and graphs; anything that you want to present to the world on your website that delivers the information and experience you want your audience to have. Our on-staff content specialist will be brought on to assist with a sitemap, content strategy, copy writing, asset organization, and to help guide the collection and organization process as we move along into Content Input.

Now that your website is designed and programmed, it’s time to populate it with all of your content! We take the assets collected by you and our team and input it into the appropriate pages and platforms of your site. This is when your website really starts coming to life and begins to look and feel like a living online representation of your business or organization. Once your content has been uploaded, we’ll set up a meeting and review it together. After it is approved we can then begin the Design stage!


ADuring the design phase, we take your sitemap, assets, sketches and answers to our design questionnaire and turn our design team loose! You will be presented with multiple design concepts and directions to review as the concepts take shape, and your feedback will help guide the process. The design phase is totally organic and exciting: Prepare to be amazed! After receiving the 25% production payment, we will enter the exciting stage of Programming your site.

After the design is approved, we move into programming your website and implementing all of your website’s functionality (CMS, blog, photo gallery, shopping cart, etc.) You will receive a *private link* during the programming stage that will allow you to monitor the progress and watch as it all comes together. We are moments away from lift off into the Site Launch stage!


Any diligent pilot will perform one final “flight check” before takeoff. Now that your website has been thoroughly reviewed and prepped for launch, we make any last minute, pre-launch updates necessary and move your site into the final launch phase. The 25% end balance payment is now collected for completing our project scope. BLAST OFF! Just like it sounds, your website is launched into orbit and is “live” for all the world to experience and enjoy.

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